Canada History Week 2022

13 The Library and Archives Canada (LAC) collection, assembled over the last 150 years, includes millions of literary works, thousands of films and musical recordings, and the world’s largest collection of Canadian sheet music. The comprehensive visual arts holdings consist of artworks in various media: a notable highlight is the diverse works of portraiture, ranging from 17th-century oil paintings to contemporary photography. Additionally, LAC hosts thousands of unique personal files, such as draft manuscripts and notebooks, which allow Canadians to explore the remarkable careers and fascinating creative processes behind influential artists like Gratien Gélinas, Celia Franca, Tomson Highway, Dionne Brand, and Gabor Szilasi. Visit the brand-new LAC website to access and discover thousands of digitized documents and recordings. What did arts and heritage consumption look like during the pandemic? The Association for Canadian Studies offers evidence-based insights into the effects of the pandemic on arts attendance and engagement. The article looks at arts and heritage consumption habits of minorities, newcomers, and Indigenous peoples, and the impact on arts expression arising from the aforementioned groups. It includes results from a national survey that looks at how knowledgeable Canadians consider themselves when it comes to arts and heritage in Canada. Read more here. EXPLORING CANADIAN ARTS AND HERITAGE Women’s violine quartet, Toronto Conservatory of Music, 1888 (Simpson Bros./Library and Archives Canada/PA164643). Portrait of Celia Franca on pointe (Library and Archives Canada). Put your arts and culture knowledge to the test! Take the Citizenship Challenge Canadian Arts and Culture quizzes to see how much you know. Test yourself with the Easy, Medium, and Hard editions!