Canada History Week 2022

#HISTORYWEEK2022 Canada History Week provides all Canadians with the opportunity to learn more about people and events that have shaped the country we know today. Canada History Week is a great time to discover more about our history. Explore some of our past themes to learn even more. • 2017: Human Rights in Canada: Challenges and Achievements on the Path to a More Inclusive and Compassionate Society. • 2018: Science, Creativity and Innovation: Our Canadian Story. • 2019: Working for the Future: a century of change in how Canadians work. • 2020: Exploring the History of Canada’s Environment and Climate. • 2021: Indigenous History: Learning about Indigenous Leaders, Language Revitalization, and Cultures. This year, Canada History Week highlights the history of arts, culture, and creators in Canada. The topics covered in this magazine, the videos, and the accompanying learning tool just begin to scratch the surface of the history of the arts in Canada, but we hope they can be used as a starting point for learning more about the rich cultural history of arts and culture in Canada. The week aims to encourage Canadians to reflect upon and engage with Canada’s past, and in doing so, to better understand diverse artistic expressions and their role in shaping our country. While there are many current Canadian artists and creators who have made a great impact nationally and internationally, this digital magazine focuses on artists and creators who made an impression earlier in our history. The range of incredible creators and their creations in our past defies inclusion in a single document, but we hope the topics in this magazine cover a wide range within the history of arts and culture in Canada. To explore more arts, culture, and creators in Canada, see our Visual Arts, Literature, Music, and Performing Arts collections, or search The Canadian Encyclopedia by theme, keyword, or article title. Post photos, videos, and messages and take part in the discussion using the hashtag #HistoryWeek2022. WHAT IS CANADA HISTORY WEEK? CANADA HISTORY WEEK 2022: THE HISTORY OF ARTS, CULTURE, AND CREATORS IN CANADA WANT TO SHARE ONLINE? 3