Canada History Week 2022

9 MUSIC VIDEO 3 PORTIAWHITE rose to fame in the 1940s. A contralto, she was celebrated as Canada’s singing sensation. White was the first AfricanCanadian concert singer to win international acclaim. A native of Nova Scotia, she was considered one of the best classical contraltos of the 20th century. Video Illustrator: Raoul Olou is a multidisciplinary artist who grew up as a Beninese national in Senegal. He has spent the last nineteen years as an immigrant living and working in six different cities. Concepts of nationality, citizenship, race, identity, and archiving the mundane are core themes that Raoul explores in his work. EMMA ALBANI was recognized for her work both in large concerts and in private recitals, and had a repertoire that included 43 roles in Italian, French, and German operas. One of the leading opera stars of her generation, on an equal footing with her contemporaries Jenny Lind, Adelina Patti, and Nellie Melba, she had a dazzling career for nearly 40 years, winning the admiration of the international musical world. BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE is a singer, songwriter, and social activist best known for her politically focused music. Beginning as a folk singer, she used her fame to bring Indigenous issues and anti-war activism to public attention through her songs. Her songs, such as “Universal Soldier” and “A Soulful Shade of Blue,” have been covered by many artists including Barbra Streisand, Elvis Presley, Cher, and Neil Diamond. Dame Emma Albani (Robert James Manion/Library and Archives Canada/C-003307). Buffy Sainte-Marie (Ken Sterzuk/flickr).