Canada History Week 2022 Learning Tool

Canada History Week 2022 Learning Tool Activity 3.4 Music and Cultural Continuity Much of the music in Canada stems from a particular linguistic or cultural background. These musical styles are representative not only of the nations and heritage from which they originated, but also of their distinct evolution within Canada. 1. Research a musical group or musician that performs in a specific style (e.g., Icelandic music in Canada, Chinese music in Canada, Blues, Acadian folk music, Inuit throat-singing, etc.). Start by checking for a corresponding article on TCE to explore the history of the style. You may need to do supplementary research. 2. Once you have familiarized yourself with the tradition’s background, find a song or music sample to listen to from within this musical tradition. 3. Write 1-2 pages on the song and broader musical style. Be sure to cover (if applicable) its history, themes, noteworthy artists, and developments. What topics or issues does the band/artist address? How do they represent their communities? 4. Form small groups with classmates who researched different styles, share a favourite song or a word you learned, and tell your peers about the topics and issues in the band or artist’s music. 12. Still from Portia White video (Historica Canada).