Canada History Week 2022 Learning Tool

Canada History Week 2022 Learning Tool Since it would be nearly impossible to cover the entire history of arts and culture in the land we now call Canada in a single guide, we have decided to separate this guide into four thematic sections: Visual Arts, Music, Stage and Screen, and Literature. Within those broad categories, there are countless art forms, from ballet to architecture to throatsinging to spoken-word poetry. Perhaps due to the sheer abundance of artistic and cultural expressions, many of us have gaps in our knowledge and awareness of arts, culture, and creators across Canada. SECTION 1 – INTRODUCTORY ACTIVITY 1. As a class, collectively brainstorm all the different art(s) forms you know, and how many Canadians you can think of in each category. What do you consider to be art? Can you think of any local artists and creators from your hometown? 2. Discuss any gaps, why they might be there, and how this might affect the way that we consider arts, culture, and creators in Canada. For example, does anyone know Canadian dancers or dance companies? Canadian architects? How broad a time span is represented by these names? What does this tell us about our knowledge and understanding of the history of arts and culture in Canada? 4. The National Gallery of Canada (Demerzel21/ Mural in Victoria, BC (Meunierd/