Canada History Week 2022 Learning Tool

Canada History Week 2022 Learning Tool Activity 2.2 Displaying an Artist 1. Choose an artist from the list below (or choose another artist, approved by your teacher) to focus your research on. Think about the many visual arts disciplines you might choose from: architecture, sculpture, painting, ceramics… 2. Using The Canadian Encyclopedia entry as a starting point, research your chosen artist and their significance. Make sure to include their life, art form and style, culture, and the historical context within which they lived and worked. Consider any barriers they may have faced, and how they responded or adapted to such pressures. Make sure to show what makes this artist unique in their field and why they and their work are significant to Canada’s cultural and artistic landscape. 3. Present this research in a visual output such as a collage, poster, digital exhibit, or even a social media outreach campaign. The output should be public-facing and designed for an audience who may never have heard of this person before. Be sure to convey why this artist is significant. 4. Following the presentations, have a class discussion about the history of visual arts in Canada. Have you learned anything new about the concept of “art” from this activity? In what ways do the arts reflect, and have an impact on, life and culture(s) in Canada? Possible visual artists to research: Moshe Safdie Carl Beam Ozias Leduc Arthur Goss Alfred Pellan Anne Douglas Savage Freda Diesing Les Automatistes Joyce Wieland Arthur Charles Erickson Tom Thomson Esther Marjorie Hill Bill Reid Frank Gehry Charles Edenshaw (Tahayren) Kenojuak Ashevak Hannah Maynard Mungo Martin Bing Thom Emily Carr Joane Cardinal-Schubert Alexandra Luke Théophile Hamel Annie Pootoogook Allen Sapp Paul Kane Lawren Harris Kazuo Nakamura Napoléon Bourassa Blanche Lemco van Ginkel 7. Pottery in progress (Zojakostina/