Canada History Week 2021 Learning Tool

TEACHER TIP: Students unfamiliar with the concept of Reconciliation can read the Reconciliation in Canada article on The Canadian Encyclopedia . To begin the activity, you may want to have a class discussion about what Reconciliation means and whether students have seen it in action. By engaging with the Canada History Week 2021 materials and learning about Indigenous Peoples and their histories, you have taken steps towards Reconciliation. What are other ways you can work towards Truth and Reconciliation? 1. As a class, read the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action. While most of the Calls to Action are directed towards governments, the ideas and themes behind the calls can apply to individuals. 2. Read Dr. Crystal Gail Fraser and Dr. Sara Komarnisky’s 150 Acts of Reconciliation for ideas about how individuals or groups can contribute to the process of Reconciliation. 3. From the Calls to Action, the 150 Acts of Reconciliation , or your own brainstorming, choose 3-5 actions that you as an individual can take to help with the process of Reconciliation. Fill out the chart below: SUMMATIVE ACTIVITY Activity 5.1 - Working Towards Truth and Reconciliation Action What is your goal? Significance How does it contribute to the process of Reconciliation? Next Steps What steps will you take to work towards or complete the action? 15