Canada History Week 2023

2 3 CONTENT PROVIDED BY: What is Canada History Week? 2023: The History of Black Achievement in Canada Cultural Influencers Professional Trailblazers Unsung Heroes Changemakers A Black People’s History of Canada Governor General’s History Awards 3 3 4 6 8 10 12 13 T H E H I S TO R Y O F B L AC K AC H I E V E M E N T I N C A N A DA Canada History Week provides all Canadians with the opportunity to learn more about the people and events that have shaped the country we know today. By sharing stories of extraordinary achievement and inspiring engagement throughout the week, this event encourages Canadians to improve their knowledge of Canada’s history, civics, and public policy. Canada History Week began in 2014 and is organized by the Canada History Fund. Since 2017, Historica Canada has produced videos and a digital magazine annually to celebrate the designated theme of the week. This year, Canada History Week highlights the History of Black Achievement in Canada. The topics covered in this magazine and the accompanying videos only begin to scratch the surface of Black Canadian History, but we hope they can be used as a starting point to learn more about the impressive achievements of Black Canadians. The week aims to encourage Canadians to reflect upon and engage with Canada’s past, and in so doing, to better understand our diverse history and the role Black Canadians have had in shaping this country’s identity. To explore more... See our Black History in Canada Collection, which features a timeline, articles, videos, and education guides on Black Canadian history. Search The Canadian Encyclopedia by theme, keyword, or article title. Put your knowledge to the test! Take the Citizenship Challenge’s Black History in Canada quiz. Learn about the struggles, resilience, and triumphs of Black Canadians with the Citizenship Challenge’s Black History in Canada Education Guide, which offers lesson plans and critical thinking activities to bring the subject to life in the classroom! 2022 PAST THEMES 2020 2019 2021 THE HISTORY OF ARTS, CULTURES, AND CREATORS IN CANADA. EXPLORING THE HISTORY OF CANADA’S ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE. WORKING FOR THE FUTURE: A CENTURY OF CHANGE IN HOW CANADIANS WORK. INDIGENOUS HISTORY: LEARNING ABOUT INDIGENOUS LEADERS, LANGUAGE REVITALIZATION, AND CULTURES. WH AT I S Canada History Week? 2023: WANT TO SHARE ONLINE? Post photos, videos, and messages and take part in the discussion using the hashtag: #HistoryWeek2023. TABLE OF CONTENTS B D C Dictionnaire biographique du Canada Dictionary of Canadian Biography Group at No. 2 Construction Battalion plaque dedication ceremony at Queen’s Park (City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 2, Series 411, Item 86)