Black History in Canada

15 Individuals Joseph R. B. Whitney (Canadian Observer newspaper) Ann Greenup Fred Christie Burnley Allan “Rocky” Jones Dudley Laws George Morton Stanley Grizzle Hugh Burnett Joanne Bonner Jones Leonard & Gwendolyn Johnston Lulu Anderson John Arthur Robinson Bromley Armstrong Al Hamilton (Contrast newspaper) Wilma Morrison James F. Jenkins (Dawn of Tomorrow newspaper) Calvin Ruck Donald Moore Marlene Green Leonard Braithwaite Reverend Charles H. Este Ted King Carrie Best (The Clarion newspaper) Charles Roach Kay Livingstone Lincoln Alexander ORGANIZATIONS Kent County Civil Rights League Black United Front (BUF) New Brunswick Association for the Advancement of Coloured People Coloured Hockey League No.2 Construction Battalion The Hour-A-Day Study Club Universal Negro Improvement Association The Canadian League for the Advancement of Coloured People (CLACP) Chatham Coloured All-Stars Order of Sleeping Car Porters Negro Citizenship Association Alberta Association for the Advancement of Coloured People The National Black Coalition of Canada (NBCC) London Coloured Stars Toronto Telegram in Dresden The Afro-Canadian Liberation Movement (ACLM) British Columbia Association for the Advancement of Coloured People The Black Education Project St. Catharines Bulldozers Coloured Women’s Club EVENTS Multiculturalism Policy, 1971 The Black Writers’ Congress, 1968 Sir George Williams Affair Anti-Racism and Ethnocultural Equity in School Boards guidelines West Indian Domestic Scheme Immigration Act Reforms of ’62 and ‘67 Order-in-Council P.C. 1911-1324 Racial Discrimination Act of 1944 Destruction of Africville, 1964-1967 Take the opportunity to teach your class about systemic barriers and identifying systems of power. Discuss the impact of language on understanding identities and systems – e.g., referring to racism as a barrier, rather than one’s own racial identity. It may also be prudent to remind students that privilege does not necessarily make one’s life “easy”; it is an indicator of something that does not make your life more difficult. Listen to the Herb Carnegie podcast, and read the articles on the Coloured Hockey League and Trailblazing Black Canadian Athletes on The Canadian Encyclopedia. Research Black Canadian athletes and create a trading card, including a photo, basic facts, statistics, and a short biography of an athlete of your choice. TEACHER TIP EXTENSION ACTIVITY Viola Desmond Viola Desmond built a career and business as a beautician in Nova Scotia during the 1940s. In 1946, she challenged racist policies when she refused to leave the segregated whites-only section of a theatre, which she had purchased a ticket for. Desmond’s courageous fight against segregation inspired generations of Black Canadians. Watch her Heritage Minute here. Viola Desmond, circa 1940 (Wanda & Joe Robson/ Winnipeg Free Press)