Black History in Canada

17 1. Choose a sector (technology, health and medicine, education, transportation, arts and culture, manufacturing, construction and design, urban planning, real estate, communication, entrepreneurship, farming, hospitality, digital economy, etc.). Research and identify a couple Black Canadians in that field and create a profile of a Black Canadian in that sector. 2. Imagine you are a journalist working at a popular Canadian newspaper and you have interviewed the person you created a profile for. Write a newspaper profile on your interviewee, including what they do and how they contribute to their sector. You may want to include other information about the sector as well as background information about your interviewee. If you found any quotes in your research, use them as appropriate in your article. a. Why is this person notable in their industry? What contributions to the sector have they made? b. What obstacles have they faced in their career? c. Is it important to have representation and to see Black people represented in all aspects of Canadian life, work, and culture? Why or why not? What does it mean to you to see people that represent your own experiences in the media? 1. What is something new you learned? Which stories resonated with you and why? 2. How have the activities you completed deepened your understanding of Black Canadian contributions and experiences? 3. Did you find it easy or difficult to find the information you needed to accomplish each activity? How did it compare to researching other topics in Canadian or world history? If it was more difficult, why do you think that is? 4. How would you describe the historical legacies of anti-Black racism? What are some of the legacies of this history in your community today? 5. What is one action that you have been motivated to take as a result of what you learned through studying Black history? What steps can be taken – individually, as a class, and as a country – to address racial oppression and systemic discrimination? How can we better recognize the successes of Black Canadians as we reconcile with these histories and ongoing legacies? ACTIVITY 6.1 ACTIVITY 6.2 SUMMATIVE REFLECTING ON BLACK HISTORY IN CANADA HOW TO WRITE AN EFFECTIVE NEWSPAPER ARTICLE Begin with a lead sentence that will immediately grab the attention of the reader. Your introduction should establish the context and answer the 5Ws: who, what, where, when, why (and how). Use direct quotes to help frame your story but use them sparingly for the most impact. Your main body should provide evidence to back up your story and you can either sum up your story succinctly in a traditional conclusion or find a suitable and effective closing quotation. Always be sure to review the historical background of your story to highlight relevant facts that may otherwise go unnoticed. • Continue to educate yourself about the Black Canadian experience, through books, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, articles, journal articles, educational television programs, etc. • Acknowledge how racism has affected your life. • Listen to the stories and lived experiences of Black Canadians. • Volunteer your time at an organization that is fighting to dismantle anti-Black racism. • Write or call your local town/city councillors to enact change in local policies/laws. • Write or call your Provincial Member of Parliament to encourage change in provincial policies. • Write or call your Federal Member of Parliament to encourage change in federal policies. • Vote for elected representatives who reflect your views, and who are actively working to make positive change. Some ways in which you can work towards confronting systemic and anti-Black racism include, but are not limited to: