Black History in Canada

Royal Gazette (Halifax), 10 July 1792 Digby, 21st June 1792 Run Away, Joseph Odel and Peter Lawrence (Negroes) from their Masters, and left Digby last evening, the first mentioned is about Twenty four year of Age, five feet six Inches high, had on a light brown coat, red waistcoat and thickset breeches, took other Cloaths[sic] with him, he is a likely young Fellow with remarkable white Teeth.— The other is about five Feet eight Inches high, very Black, had on lightesh[sic] coloured Clothes.—Whoever will secure said Negroes so that their Masters may have them again, shall receive TEN DOLLARS Reward, and all reasonable Charges paid. DANIEL ODEL, PHILLIP EARL. Royal American Gazette (Shelburne), 19 June 1786 TO BE SOLD A healthy, stout, NEGRO BOY, about fourteen Years of Age. – He has been brought up in a Gentleman’s Family, and is very handy at Farming, House Work, or attending Table, is strictly honest, and has an exceeding good Temper. For Particulars, enquire of the Printer. ACTIVITY 1.2 Primary Source Analysis Quebec Gazette, 22 May 1794 RUN away from the Subscriber, at New Richmond, in the district of Gaspié on Saturday the 29th of April, A NEGRO MAN named Isaac, who calls himself Charles some times: He is about five feet eight or ten inches high, speaks good English and some broken French and Micmac, aged about thirty-eight or forty years, has lost some of his fore-teeth, and has the ends of both of his great toes frozen off. Whoever will take up said Negro and confine him in any of the jails or prisons in the province of Lower Canada, and notify the subscriber by the earliest opportunity, shall receive a Reward of TWENTY DOLLARS , as the said Negro has been guilty of theft and many other misdemeanors. AZARIAH PRETCHARD, senr.