Black History in Canada

ACTIVITY 1.2 Primary Source Analysis Gazette and Oracle, 11 October 1797 Wanted to purchase, a negro girl from seven to twelve years of age of good disposition. For fuller particulars apply to the subscribers. W.& J. Crooks. West Niagara. Oct. 4. Royal Gazette, 9 July 1816 Saint John, N.B. June 17, 1816. Twelve Dollars Reward RUN AWAY from the Subscriber, On the night of the 15th June, a Negro Slave, called LIDGE, under five feet high, broad face and very large lips; brought him from Maryland with my family;—he took with him a large CANOE with a Lathe across her; tared on the outside of the head with raw Tar, which looks red—he was seen going down the River. Any person that will apprehend him and get the canoe, shall receive the above reward. CALEB JONES 9th July, 1816. Upper Canada Gazette, 19 February 1806 To be sold, A Black woman named Peggy, aged forty years, and a black boy, her son, named JUPITER, aged about fifteen years, both of them the property of the subscriber. The woman is a tolerable cook and washerwoman, and perfectly understands making soap and candles. The boy is tall and strong for his age, and has been employed in the country business, but brought up principally as a house servant. They are each of them servants for life. The price of the woman is one hundred and fifty dollars. For the boy two hundred dollars, payable in three years, with interest from the day of sale, and to be secured by bond &c. But one-fourth less will be taken for ready money. PETER RUSSELL. York, Feb. 19th, 1806.