Canada History Week 2020

ONE-MAN’S QUIET(ISH) REVOLUTION An extraordinary botanist and revolutionary intellectual, Brother Marie-Victorin – the David Suzuki of his day – changed the face of Quebec’s scientific community. Did You Know? As Marcelle Gauvreau’s mentor, Brother Marie-Victorin helped her establish the School of Awakening in Montreal in the 1930s. He also founded the Botanical Garden of Montreal. Read more about his extraordinary career in this biography . THE SOUHARISSEN NATURAL AREA: LEARNING IN AND OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM High school teacher Nathan Tidridge, his students, and community members, including the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, created the Souharissen Natural Area as a foundation for land-based pedagogy. This 55-acre educational and cultural space in Waterdown, Ontario, continues to evolve as an outdoor classroom and inspiration for numerous curriculum-based projects. The Covenant Chain Wampum at Souharissen Natural Area. Photo courtesy of Nathan Tidridge. Brother Marie-Victorin at his desk. Photo courtesy of Jardin botanique de Montréal Archives and Canada’s History. 11