Canada History Week 2020

ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT The environmental movement seeks to protect the natural world and promote sustainable living. Conservation efforts began in the early 1900s, when conservationists aimed to slow the rapid depletion of Canadian resources in favour of more regulated management. Discover the key figures and dates in this timeline. Test your knowledge of environmental history with this quiz on The Canadian Encyclopedia . YOUNG CITIZENS: SIX STORIES IN ENVIRONMENTAL HISTORY From conservation to climate change and activism, these young citizens share stories about the history of Canada’s environment. GOVERNOR GENERAL’S HISTORY AWARDS Canada’s History Society is pleased to announce the 2020 recipients of the Governor General’s History Awards. The individuals and organizations being recognized deepen our understanding of the past by highlighting lesser-known stories, representing the diversity of our experiences, and encouraging meaningful, public dialogue around history. Congratulation to this year’s recipients! For more information, visit ds. EXCELLENCE IN COMMUNITY PROGRAMMING Presented by Canada’s History Centennial of Broadcasting in Canada/ Centenaire de la radiodiffusion au Canada Musée des ondes Emile Berliner Montreal, Quebec Gwich’in Goonanh’kak Googwandak: The Places and Stories of the Gwich’in Department of Cultural Heritage, Gwich’in Tribal Council Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories POPULAR MEDIA: THE PIERRE BERTON AWARD Presented by Canada’s History Steven High Montreal, Quebec EXCELLENCE INMUSEUMS: HISTORY ALIVE! Presented by the Canadian Museums Association with the support of Ecclesiastical Insurance The Saskatchewan Doukhobor Living Book Project Western Development Museum, Spirit Wrestler Productions and the University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, Saskatchewan SCHOLARLY RESEARCH Presented by the Canadian Historical Association Eric Reiter Wounded Feelings: Litigating Emotions in Quebec, 1870-1950. Montreal, Quebec EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING Presented by Canada’s History Kristian Basaraba Salisbury Composite High School Sherwood Park, Alberta Francis Lalande Collège Citoyen Laval, Quebec Dominique Laperle Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie Montreal, Quebec Dawn Martens Buchanan Park Public School Hamilton, Ontario Nathan Tidridge Waterdown District High School Waterdown, Ontario Christopher Young Kelvin High School Winnipeg, Manitoba Pine trees in Lynn Canyon Park forest, Vancouver (Svetlana Day/166449597/Dreamstime). 14 Photo courtesy of Canada’s History.