Canada History Week 2020

HOWCHANGING SEA ICE IS ALSO CHANGING LIVES IN THE NORTH Inuit hunters and scientists are collaborating to record recent alarming shifts in Hudson Bay sea ice. INUIT NUNANGAT TAIMANNGANIT This project tells the story of Inuit Nunangat (the Inuit homeland in Canada) from time immemorial (taimannganit). It offers personal accounts of Inuit connections to the land and sea, as well as their legends, histories, and relationship with the environment and all living things within it. GROWING THEIR OWN Tobacco in Alberta? The nomadic Blackfoot people cultivated it in this unlikely place long before European contact. Learn more about this history, including the surprising role that the beaver played. Peter Kattuk (left) and Daniel Qavvik on the lookout for belugas trapped in a polynya near Sanikiluaq, Nunavut. Photo: Joel Heath/Arctic Elder Society. Qiqiqtaakuluit - David Aqqiaruq, courtesy of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami. Two Blackfoot, Sun Calf (left, with tobacco pipe) and Jack Sun Calf, circa 1920. Photo courtesy of Glenbow Archives and Canada’s History. Northern Lights over Lake Laberge, Yukon Territory (Stephan Pietzko/17149387/Dreamstime). 9