Indigenous Perspectives Education Guide

Activity 01 Worksheet Whose Land Is This? Use this worksheet to support Activity 1, Indigenous Geographies , located on page 4 of Historica Canada’s Indigenous Perspectives Education Guide. Consider both the historical and contemporary context of the Indigenous group you are researching while completing this worksheet. Teacher tip: This activity can be completed in pairs or in small groups. Regional Area • Provide a basic description of the regional area of the group (e.g. topography, significant and unique features). Extension: • Include a map and/or a territorial acknowledgement. Languages/Dialects • List languages/dialects spoken by the group. • Do the languages/dialects belong to a larger language family? Extensions: • How many people speak the language today? • Record three words in this language/dialect (with accompanying translations). Social Organization • Describe the social organization, leadership and decision-making processes within the group. Extension: • Are there specific gender roles within the group? Have these changed over time? Living Conditions • Describe the means of subsistence that the group historically relied upon (e.g. hunting, fishing, trapping, gathering, agriculture, etc.). Have these changed? If so, how? • Describe typical accommodations or housing. Extension: • Describe the various modes of transportation utilized by the group. Name of Indigenous Group: