Indigenous Perspectives Education Guide

Activity 02Worksheet What is Where? Why There? Why Care? Use this worksheet to support Activity 2, Mapping Indigenous Civilizations and Histories , located on page 5 of Historica Canada’s Indigenous Perspectives Education Guide. Working in small groups, visit and explore North American Indigenous territories, languages and treaties through maps. Examine one of the following maps and read the associated article on The Canadian Encyclopedia , then complete the chart below. 1. Map: Indigenous Territories | Article: Indigenous Territory 2. Map: Indigenous Languages | Article: Indigenous Languages in Canada 3. Map: Indigenous Treaties | Article: Treaties with Indigenous Peoples in Canada 4. Map: Provinces and Territories in present-day Canada | Article: Historical Boundaries of Canada What is Where? • What physical features, patterns, and regions are seen in this map? Why There? • Why are boundaries located where they are (e.g., natural features, political contexts, etc.)? • What connections, relationships and processes have influenced these borders over time? Why Care? • Why is this map significant? • What can it tell us about our present world? • What can it tell us about the past?