Indigenous Perspectives Education Guide

Activity 04Worksheet (Continued) Fur Trade Primary Source Analysis The 5Ws • Who is the artist? • Who is in the painting and who is not? • When and where was it painted? • What is the painting about? • Why might the painting have been created? Context • What else was happening at the time that the painting was created? • What questions about the fur trade might this source help to answer? Exploring • Examine the details of the painting. What stands out? • Are any symbols used? • Whose perspective is the image from? What led to that interpretation? • How could this painting have been different from another perspective? • Who was the intended audience? Reaching Conclusions • What observations can you make about the artist’s purpose in creating this painting? • What is the implied message, based on your observations? Finding Proof • Compare your conclusions with other sources. • Does the Fur Trade article on The Canadian Encyclopedia or the other painting pictured here confirm or challenge your conclusions?