Indigenous Perspectives Education Guide

Activity 14Worksheet Media Interpretations Use this worksheet to support Activity 14, Media Interpretations: Perspectives , located on page 14 of Historica Canada’s Indigenous Perspectives Education Guide. Investigate the ways in which either Idle No More or Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls has been presented in the media. 1. Collect at least three different news articles on one of the issues, using both mainstream media and Indigenous sources (e.g. Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, Windspeaker or First Nations Drum ). 2. Read each one, using the following questions to guide your assessment: Presentation • Is the newspaper article a report or an editorial? Language • Is the author’s word choice designed to influence readers? How can you tell? Provide specific examples. • Does the language imply a value judgment? Perspective • Are multiple perspectives represented, or is the piece one-sided? • Who was interviewed and who was not? Sources • What kinds of sources (if any) are used? • What images (if any) were chosen to accompany the piece? Summary • Summarize the main points. • In your own words, explain what opinions or judgements are present. • What do these perspectives tell us about attitudes toward and perceptions of Indigenous peoples and Indigenous activism at the time they were written?