Voices From Here

ACTIVITY 8 WES FINEDAY INTERVIEW PART I: WATCH THE INTERVIEW As a class, watch Wes FineDay’s interview. Ask students to pay attention to his childhood experiences, experiences at school, and work as a Knowledge Keeper. STILL FROM WES FINEDAY VIDEO, “THE CLEARLY VISIBLE OFFERINGS - KAH KIH KAH NAH KWAKI” (HISTORICA CANADA). Indigenous knowledge refers to the cumulative knowledge, skills, and practices developed by Indigenous Peoples through their longstanding and evolving relationships with their surroundings. Knowledge and spiritual traditions are deeply intertwined. Indigenous knowledge and worldviews have frequently been denigrated, dismissed, and even eliminated by Christian and colonial institutions. Legislation and policies were enacted to invalidate and undermine languages, Indigenous knowledge, traditional forms of government, ceremonies, and values. However, Indigenous Peoples continue to practise their ways of life and maintain their worldviews and knowledge. While Indigenous knowledge is increasingly recognized by academic institutions, the relationship between Indigenous communities and researchers has been strained, and understandably so. Researchers have often disrespected Protocols that govern the transmission of this knowledge, and have appropriated knowledge for their own gain. Recent years have seen a resurgence of Indigenous knowledge and practices to promote well-being and health. INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE SECTION 5 STILLS FROM WES FINEDAY VIDEO (HISTORICA CANADA). 20