Canada History Week 2022 Learning Tool

Canada History Week 2022 Learning Tool SECTION 5 – LITERATURE Activity 5.1 The Missing Video Before the arrival of European literature traditions, Indigenous groups had various means of transmitting their stories, primarily through the Oral Tradition (see above). The imposition of colonial writing traditions on existing Indigenous languages resulted in written stories that had previously been transmitted in oral form. Storytelling, the core purpose of literature, already existed and thrived in Indigenous civilizations before syllabics and European writing systems, and was used to share all kinds of stories and knowledge. As with visual arts in Canada, early settler literature focused primarily on topics of exploration, the wilderness, and life in a new colony. While it is still most often divided into “English” and “French” literature, and rooted in those literary traditions, the reality is that Canadian literature today, and in recent history, has been written in many languages and reflects hundreds of traditions, histories, and cultures. While many Canadian authors are renowned worldwide these days (think Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, or Alice Munro), there are thousands of people who have had an impact on the literary scene. Many of these authors are not as well known but have had remarkable stories on their path to success. 1. Do some research in The Canadian Encyclopedia’s Literature collection (see the Authors tab on the left), and choose a Canadian writer to feature in a Canada History Week video. You should choose a writer who has made a significant contribution to the field in some form, and potentially someone who is not as well known: the purpose of Canada History Week is to shine the spotlight on important historical figures who the public might not know as well. Remember to look for Canadians who are significant to the history of literature in Canada. Try looking for those who you feel might be underrepresented. Tip: Check out this years’ Canada History Week videos, as well as Historica Canada’s videos on Canadian literature and authors for inspiration. Examples include John McCrae, Winnie, and one of last year’s Canada History Week videos, Mitiarjuk Nappaaluk. 17. Lucy maud HM Superman video