Canada History Week 2022 Learning Tool

2. Research their life, career, and historical context, and write an outline of how your video would look, using the questions in the below to guide your thinking. Be sure to follow the style of Canada History Week videos, which use the subject’s words to form a story. Who is this video featuring? What part or element of their life will the video focus on? Why do you think it is important for Canadians to know who this person is? 3. Use the below outline to help you design your video scenario. Canada History Week 2022 Learning Tool A brief summary of what will happen, three quotes from the author for the narration, and a sketch or illustration for each section Beginning Middle End Extension Activity: Write a full script for your video, and include an explanatory paragraph or two on why you have chosen this person, how you have focused the narrative for the video, and why. 18.