Think Like a Historian: Introduction to the Halifax Explosion

ETHEL BOND Biography Ethel Bond was born in Halifax in 1888. Her parents were Alexander (1858–1917) and Margaret (née Kellough) Bond (1858–1903). After graduating with a BA from New Brunswick’s Mount Allison University in 1911, Ethel moved back to Halifax. She was a practising Methodist and lived adjacent to the Kaye Street Methodist Church, which she regularly attended. Here she presumably met Frederick Hockin, the son of a former minister. Although they were engaged to be married, Hockin was killed in July 1917 while fighting in the First World War. Disaster struck again in December 1917, when the Halifax Explosion destroyed her house (and much of her neighbourhood) and killed her father. After the Explosion, Ethel moved to Winnipeg, where she became involved in social welfare, and studied the subject at the University of Manitoba. At the same time, she became close with Frederick’s younger brother, Harold. The two married in 1919 and had a son, Alan. She died in 1958. Above: Ethel Bond (young adult), c . 1911 (private collection of Koralee King). Above: Bond Family, c. 1900 (private collection of Koralee King). T H I N K L I K E A H I S T O R I A N . C A These worksheets have been designed to accompany the Think Like a Historian: The Halifax Explosion Education Guide . The Think Like a Historian series was produced with the generous support of the Government of Canada. Visit to view all the videos in the series and download additional free, bilingual educational resources.