Think Like a Historian: Introduction to the Halifax Explosion

Think Like a Historian: The Halifax Explosion 1
Message to Teachers and Online Resources 2
Introduction 3
Halifax During the First World War 3
The Halifax Explosion: Causes and Consequences 4
Historical Perspectives 5
Ethel Bond: Letters 5
Arthur Lismer: Sketches 7
Summative: A & B 8
The Historical Significance of the Halifax Explosion 8
Ethel Bond Worksheets Package 9
Ethel Bond Biography 10
Ethel Bond: Letter transcript 11
Ethel Bond: The 5Ws Chart 14
Ethel Bond: Annotated Letter 15
Ethel Bond: Reaching Conclusions Chart 20
Ethel Bond: Primary Sources Supplement 21
Ethel Bond: Finding Proof Chart 23
Arthur Lismer Worksheets Package 24
Arthur Lismer Biography 25
Arthur Lismer: The 5Ws Chart 26
Arthur Lismer: Sketches Collection 27
Arthur Lismer: I See, I Think, I Wonder Chart 30
Arthur Lismer: Image Comparison Supplement 31
Arthur Lismer: Finding Proof Chart 36
3D Pyramid: 5 Steps to Analyze Primary Sources 37
Download the education guide and worksheets 39
Video: Introduction 39
Videos: Ethel Bond and Arthur Lismer 40-41