Think Like a Historian: Introduction to the Halifax Explosion

ETHEL BOND Finding ProOf Use this worksheet to support the ‘Finding Proof’ exercise in Activity 4 of Think Like a Historian: The Halifax Explosion Education Guide . In pairs, compare Ethel Bond’s letter to Bertha Bond’s letter. Compare your findings in the chart and fill in the blank spaces with other points of comparison you can make from the letter. Point of comparison Source 1: Ethel Bond Letter Source 2: Bertha Bond Letter 1. Physical description of Explosion 2. Emotional description of Explosion 3. 4. 5. Consider the following questions as you review your findings: • How is Ethel’s perspective on the Halifax Explosion different from her sister’s? • How is it the same? • Are the accounts more similar or different? • What are the most important similarities or differences? Are there inconsistencies? • What does this tell you about the reliability of individual sources? • What does comparing perspectives reveal to you about the Halifax Explosion? • Are there still any gaps in your understanding of the experience of different people living and working in Halifax at the time? • What accounts or whose voice are you still seeking? T H I N K L I K E A H I S T O R I A N . C A