Women in Canadian History Education Guide

ACTIVITY 1 : MUSEUM PANEL GRAPHIC ORGANIZER Use this worksheet to support Activity 1, “Museum Panels: 1600-1900,” located on page 4 of Historica Canada’s Women in Canadian History Education Guide . Name of woman or group Important dates Important places Consequences: What effect(s) did the person or group have? Impact: How widespread and long-lasting was the impact of this person or group? Revealing: What does this person or group reveal about the larger historical context or current issues? How does she inform our understanding of a historical issue or period? Why was this person or group historically significant? Why should they be highlighted in a museum exhibit? Describe the woman or group of women Important facts, events, ideas, or actions Prominence: Was this person or group recognized as significant at the time? Why or why not? What did it mean to be “significant”?