Women in Canadian History Education Guide

Use this worksheet to support Activity 9, “Women and the Quiet Revolution,” located on page 9 of Historica Canada’s Women in Canadian History Education Guide . Choose one development from the chart below, and click on the hyperlink to be directed to the page. Read the brief article from the Musée québécois de culture populaire , and complete the chart. Note to teachers: The articles can be found (and expanded) online a t http://www.virtualmuseum.ca/edu/ViewLoitLo.do;jsessionid=3C4BC89FD67B8BA98A 046F156A191484?method=preview&lang=EN&id=20195 ACTIVITY 9 : WOMEN AND THE QUIET REVOLUTION DEVELOPMENT (ARTICLE TITLE) IMMEDIATE CAUSES OF THE EVENT(S) UNDERLYING CAUSES OF THE EVENT(S) IMMEDIATE CONSEQUENCES OF THE EVENT(S) LONG-TERM CONSEQUENCES OF THE EVENT(S) The Advent of the Birth Control Pill The “Femme d’aujourd’hui” Show Women Storm the Labour Market The Bird Commission (the Royal Commission on the Status of Women)