Women in Canadian History Education Guide

ACTIVITY 10 : THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON THE STATUS OF WOMEN Use this worksheet to support Activity 10, “The Royal Commission on the Status of Women,” located on page 9 of Historica Canada’s Women in Canadian History Education Guide . In pairs or small groups, select one of the recommendations from the list below. Conduct research, starting with your textbook, and using other sources as necessary. After you’ve read about your topic, determine how well the issue has been addressed before the report, after the report, and today. You can read the full list of recommendations online at http://publications.gc.ca/collections/collection_2014/priv/CP32 -96-1970-3-eng.pdf , beginning on page 395 of the report. RECOMMENDATION 36. We recommend that […] the federal Public Service Commission and federal government departments take special steps to increase the number of women appointed to occupations and professions not traditionally female. RECOMMENDATION 60. We recommend that (a) the federal government issue a policy statement to the Ministers of all federal government departments, the heads of Crown Corporations and agencies, and the Speakers of the Senate and the House of Commons, expressing its intention to (i) ensure equality of opportunity in employment for women […] RECOMMENDATION 77. We recommend that the provinces and territories (a) review their policies and practices to ensure that school programmes provide girls with equal opportunities with boys to participate in athletic and sports activities, and (b) establish policies and practices that will motivate and encourage girls to engage in athletic and sports activities. RECOMMENDATION 106. We recommend that the Indian Act be amended to allow an Indian woman upon marriage to a non-Indian to (a) retain her Indian status and (b) transmit her Indian status to her children. RECOMMENDATION 115. We recommend that fees for the care of children in day-care centres be fixed on a sliding scale based on the means of the parents. RECOMMENDATION 121. We recommend that birth control information be available to everyone. RECOMMENDATION 138. We recommend that two qualified women from each province be summoned to the Senate as seats become vacant, and that women continue to be summoned until a more equitable membership is achieved.