Women in Canadian History Education Guide

ACTIVITY 15 : WRITING A RESEARCH ESSAY Use this worksheet to support Activity 15, “Research Essay,” located on page 12 of Historica Canada’s Women in Canadian History Education Guide . Research the evolution of women’s rights over the century since most women first won the right to vote in federal elections. Once you have conducted research to answer your questions, you can formulate a thesis, then develop well-rounded arguments that provide evidence to back up your thesis statement. Use the template below to record your research, or take notes as you prefer. When you are done your research and note-taking, use the following tips, charts, and organizers to help plan and write your essay. Questions to think about: What has changed? What remains the same? Do women enjoy an equal standing with men today? How was suffrage a significant step forward, and how was it not? To what extent did it shape our society? Make sure to incorporate the idea of intersectionality and other overlapping factors into your essay when you write about equality — factors other than sexism influenced the right to vote. Not all women (or men) in Canada could vote in 1918. First, research your topic! Use key questions to target what you want to investigate about the subject. Keep track of your sources so you can cite them in your essay. Sources Research Notes Source 1 (Author, Title, Publication Details) Source 2 Source 3 Source 4 Source 5